Night and Day – Art Review

3 Dec


Tonight I went to Night and Day at Modern Art Oxford – a performance art event. There were three pieces, the first “The Island” was fascinating for its demonstration of the simplicity of devising drama. Drama is really just about the dynamics between people, and through simple recognition of self and other, the Artist showed how easily a web of relationship and story can be weaved.

The piece that Impacted me the most was a man, stood poorly camouflaged against a backdrop. Each time somebody would leave the room, he would get very distressed and scream for them to stay! I found my emotional response to this fascinating. After the initial humour of the absurdity of the mans dramatic outbursts, I was surprised to find I began to feel remorse for the poor character, as the actor -oh so subtlety- revealed more depth of character to this solitary person. It was great. Truly impacting.


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