Ethical Fashion

20 Jan

Last night, I took a friend to Magdelen Studios to listen to a talk by a young Ethical Clothes designer Feng Ho, and a mature, experienced photograher. It was a really encouraging environment, the young designer was pasionate about her work and shared with us the difficulty of sourcing materials which are ethcially sound (I.E. fair trade, not far to ship, enviromentally friendly in processing.) There is a problem that people are not yet willing enough to spend more on clothing, in the knowlege that they are reducing harmfull effects on our world. It is more expensive to get these materials, (she exampled bamboo) and even more so because there is not the demand for them. I believe we are slowly seeing a growing number of those who do care about these issues, but they are still a small community. Perhaps we need more Performance Artists, or those in the Media to investigate this and bring the truth to the public’s awareness. They say that ignorance is bliss, but what expense has that ignorance over anothers life?

If you are interested check out



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