Chile day two.

4 Apr

I’m in Chile! Attending a conference called “Act Local, Think Global.”

I am so fortunate to get this opportunity, along with Sony and Caro from OYAP! We are spending two weeks at a conference which will teach us about global issues, and how to promote them in our local settings. We will learn about Chilian culture and visit local NGO’s and indiginous peoples.

We are studying at the Centre de Cultura in La Pintana and at first impression it is very impressive! So much art and creativity happens here! I even got to join in a Quaker dance, and did some belly Dancing! 

Today was the Press Conference for the project, where we met the Major of Santiago, enjoyed local music and dancing and listened to presenations. The afternoon was meeting new people, and delightful food! We also were given the course programe and we shared our hopes, fears and contributions to the project.

I am finding Spanish difficult, but I am detirmined to make the most of this and learn the art of communitcating even when it is difficult. That is a very valueable skill to learn. I know I will get out what I put in, so I’m just going to diregard my idea of myself of being bad a languages and do my best!


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