Working on the Last Spring

22 May

This week, I have been working on the production of the LAST SPRING, with the teachers and children of ‘Phil and Jim’ Primary School!

It’s been a varied week, my highlights have been giving one on one acting tuition to a couple of actresses and helping with the direction of scenes. (I was only helping though! Mr. Bliss already did a great job directing!) I have really realised that I really care about performance-quality, and I really enjoy helping people with their performance delivery.

The Costumes for The last Spring are STUNNING! We had two wonderful Ladies – Amanda and Beatrice – in care of costume and set, and I had the pleasure of helping them implement their vision! We got the children to make their own headdresses to signify the animal they are playing. I shall have to attach a photo of some, they are truly brilliant.

I also helped the dancers with their rehearsals, suggesting ideas and trying to motivate them. I really learnt a lot from seeing Mr. Nicholls direct and enthuse them; he was a very gifted director and motivator from what I saw. One thing I remember him saying was…

“I am ….. and I am in the World!” 

To encourage shrinking violet behavior.

I am going to be backstage for the performance, cueing people on stage and keeping order. I am going to rise to this challenge!



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