Mountview…. We Will Rock You!

16 Jun

Well, if you are following my life, I can report that I was not one of the fortunate to get into Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

I can also report that I had an amazing day, was in complete peace about the rejection, and got to see We Will Rock You with the most supportive young man a girl can ask for. Hooray!

Yes I wanted badly to get in, but I also recognise that they know what they want. They let only 4 people into round two, each appearing distinctly different to the other. This suggested to me (and the new friends I had made), that they had already filled most of the places that year, and were (in one way) casting for a production that would be happening within the year. We saw each other audition, and I can tell you that many talented people left disheartened. These people were no ‘worse’ than the other four, but the panel clearly know who they are looking for.

…and as for We Will Rock You? Fantasic! It’s at the Dominion Theatre, and I recommend it.


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