Paines Plough Wrighters’ Weekend (Tongue twister, ‘innit!)

16 Jun

I have spent this weekend at a ‘Wrighters’ Weekend,’ from Theatre Company Paines Plough.  Leading the two-days of workshops was Assistant Director Jack Lowe.

Here is a bit about them from their website:

“Paines Plough is an award-winning, nationally and internationally renowned touring theatre company, specialising exclusively in commissioning and producing new plays and helping playwrights develop their craft. As the UK’s national theatre of new plays with the playwright always at the heart of everything we do, Paines Plough widely tours world premiere productions and offers bespoke development support to playwrights.”

I decided it would be good to develop my writting skills as a performing artist, to give me confidence for the time where I wish to write my own work. (My experience so far has been a couple of scenes, journals and Performance Poetry.)

Day one; Jack taught us some key concepts to consider when writting a script, Do’s and Don’ts, and also set us some short writting tasks. 

Day two; We wrote for our main writting task: a play based on a local news article. We then worked with some actors who delivered our work back to us. This was great, as writers and actors so often don’t get to meet… it is special to see your work performed, and it emphasised the importance of stage directions.

It was a very fruitfull weekend, and I enjoyed the company of other writers… they were lovely and mostly more experienced than I! I gained a lot from my time, particularly confidence. I also really enjoyed the company of the lady sat next to me, who had had the most interesting, albeit tragic, life. It made me realise the powerfull link between suffering and creativity. That pain will create the catalyst for the most beautiful works of art.



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