Oxage returns!

21 Sep

One year ago, to this month we first performed the epic of Oxage on the streets of Oxford.

Oxage is a walking tour, guiding participants around Oxford’s best landmarks whilst foretelling the tale of a parallel world (Oxage), a utopia corrupted, a queen under siege, a run-away princess, and a rebellion gang fighting for justice. The audience follow their mysterious guide through the porthole, into this world finding clues that will lead them to the missing Princess.

Oxage has been dormant for a year now, giving local writers the chance to hone the script; deepening the details and experience of this parallel Kingdom. We actors (see above, left) are beginning to twitch with anticipation as things begin to fall into place for the Oxage revival!

One thing stands in our way, it’s the same old story of funding. Untill we raise the funds Oxage will stay in her sleepy box. We have a dream of taking her up to Edinburgh, and are applying for funding for this. This was the cause of the BBQ fundraiser that you saw earlier in my blog, but this event sadly hasn’t really touched the sides! We will keep trying, and applying. If you have any fundraising ideas or can help at all, please do comment on this post. 🙂

Photos by Vincent Grieve


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