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And here it is… Merry Christmas! What have I been up to these 3 last months?

24 Dec

Christmas has sneaked up on me again like a theif in the night, I’m still in preparation mainly due to being knocked out by flu for much of last week! I cannot believe I had the flu (I never get ill). I can only conclude it is my long working hours that have finally caught up with me, resulting in what I needed to do: absolutly nothing! The last week has been a reluctant sort-of surrender into the bliss of not meeting the expectations of friends and family to just, well,  be there. I’ve been in my bed!

I have not blogged in a while here is what I have been up to Creativly:

  • I’m been exploring improvisational drama, mime and physical theatre as part of a Drama training course I am doing.
  • Appeared in my First Physcial Theatre genre performance. -“If You Look Away From Me…” at the Old Fire Station in Oxford.
  • Delivered my First ever exclusive to Jazz singing set for a Fairy Dust Arts Caberet.
  • At the School where I work I have delivered song-writting workshops, dance and drama workshops with other LSA’s. (I work at a fantastic School.)
  • Painted some teapots as a Christmas Present!

Wow, two firsts three months! Hooray!

I’m quite happy with how things are going, apart from my long hours which do take their toll. The long hours are to suppliment the payment for the Drama course, but the Drama course is a time demand too, thus the both together is tiring! This is needed for now though, I shall push through gaining those skills untill next year when I can tie up lose ends, and complete my Arts Award at last!

Right now, however, it is Christmas! Meaning the three R’s rest, respite and reindeer 😉

I love Christmas; wishing you a Merry one!!