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My time with the Youth Development Team for World Horizons

21 Sep

There I was again, I took another risky decision. I left my stable job, supporting children at a school, for the more challenging, more freedom, more SCOPE role of community support worker for Spurgeons. It was the same Kids that I knew from the school, just outside of the school gate I knew I would be able to use my creativity and interests more to help them! Maybe I would set up another Drama group, a community play, experiment with Drama therapy at last? The possibilities were exciting to me! But the waiting…had I of Known! I went through months of reference checks…. then my manager went on leave and I had to wait for him. The good thing about waiting is that it tests your desires and how much you want a thing.

It was during this time that I came across the Youth Development Team for World Horizons. Quite plainly, however mad it might sound, I love them.I love what they are doing. Their team is FANTASTIC!

I was with them one week, and I felt so welcome, engaged and part of their cause. I was captivated by the unity, and importance of the task. The YDT use outdoor activities to inspire young people, with a focus of those not in education. We worked with young people to do problem solving exercises, with a view to get them switched on about something. At the end of the day we discussed any emotions they had felt over the day, ask what had engaged them, and looked at setting targets for things they would like to do in the future.

It was a week of firsts for me! The first time I wore a wet suit, sailed a two-man boat, coasteered. I was challenged and happy about it, I love to be challenged! It has encouraged me to set new fitness goals for myself regarding my arm strength. I just hope that if it can inspire me to have goals, it will begin move the young people I met too. I am confident that over time, the difference will be made.